Carley & Craig

Being a photographer is awesome. The creativity, yes. Mostly though, it’s the people, the stories, and the connections. If you love what you do, the best compliment is when those familiar with you, your story and your work, share it with others, and you get the opportunity to make further connections you typically would not have had the chance to make. It’s so rewarding. 

Carley and Craig is a perfect example of that. Carley is my brother-in-law’s sister. We see each other here and there. You know, the typical way any extended family would – big events or through social media. When they came to me asking if I could capture their wedding day, I was thrilled. The trust someone puts in you and the responsibility of capturing their day is a big deal. Not to mention, the time you get to spend. Only the photographer will spend the entire wedding day, the engagement and some time leading up planning how you will capture the day with the couple. I’m grateful for that.

Here are a few highlights from Carley & Craig’s engagement session. Can’t wait for their winter wedding!