Tell me who you are in three words. No problem. I got you.

Bold, Fresh & Timeless

Let’s break this down.



Are the colors vibrant? Do they pop? Good. Do you find a warm glow to the images with a lot of sunlight? Great. Our goal is to master light and get a fantastic image in the camera and not rely on photoshop coloring. The enhancements I apply are to enhance the image, not alter it.


Do you look at the image and think, I wouldn’t have thought of that? Or, I can’t pinpoint why, but this is a great photo! Well, that’s what I do. I can pinpoint those things. Anybody with a camera can take the traditional, expected shots. You’re hiring me for my vision. To think differently. And that’s what I’m always trying to do. I want you to feel like I took the extra step. It’s refreshing. Whether it’s the way I use lighting or natural light sources. Or a composition choice.


Have you looked at your parents or grandparents wedding photos? And said to yourself, these look like (insert time period here)? Maybe it’s a fashion choice. Decor. Whatever it may be. I don’t want the post-production work on the images to be that reason. Trends are just that, popular for a limited time. But I’m in it for the long-haul. Quality, ever-lasting, beautiful images. That’s what you can count of me for.