Self-proclaimed King of the Christmas Card.

It’s been eight years since our first creative Christmas Card and with each year I aim to top the years previous. I’m officially – or unofficially, I’m not sure how this works – declaring myself the King of the Christmas Card!

I’ll let you be the judge though.

Rudolph is a holiday classic that tells the tale of exclusion and bullying. Unfortunately, this message is as relevant as ever.  I felt inclusion and acceptance – through a humorous role reversal – was a perfect message.

When concepting this years theme, I immediately saw a correlation to the deer hunter. A vision if the roles were reversed and the deer became the hunter.

The end result was a moody image of what Rudolph’s world might look like if the other reindeer never let him join in their reindeer games.

The message is simple. Don’t bully others. Spread kindness. If someone is different than you, learn their story. More love, less hate.

Home Alone has to be on everyone’s top holiday movie list. This year marks 25 years since Home Alone 2 so it seemed like a perfect time to pay tribute. Let’s be honest though, every time is the perfect time for Home Alone.