Carson’s a pretty cool dude with a big heart.

It’s great to share our work but it’s also important to give you a glimpse backstage and behind the lens. What happens between shoots are the stories that shape my vision through the lens. I’m a little late on sharing this story but I wasn’t going to let it pass by as it’s just one of those times I get to brag a little bit because this certainly makes a dad proud.

It’s really simple. Carson had his eye on a video game system, an XBOX One. He had been saving most of the year and managed to get $150 from birthday money, helping me with the photo booth and chores. That’s a pretty big deal all on its own.

He decided he would ask Santa for it hoping that if he got the XBOX, he could use his money for something else. We made a deal that if Santa granted his wish, he had to use his money for something good.

That was a pretty open-ended deal, so I really had no idea what path he’d take. I mean, he’s 8. From his perspective, $150 worth of skittles would be something good.

One day on the way to school, he made a declaration that he wanted to donate his money to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. I asked, why. He said because he heard a commercial that they help kids who are sick with heart problems and cancer.

Heart melted.

Of course, I then forced him in front of a camera because Dad wanted to share.

We have a quote on the wall in our house that is one of my absolute favorites by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see.” Sure, this is just a small thing but I’ll keep encouraging and guiding experiences that can help others.

Proud of you dude!