Hey girl, I made you a meme

Two years ago today I said ‘I do’ to my best friend and for equally as long, I wanted to have a little fun, get creative with an inside joke and show how much I love her; in a very “unique” way to say the least. I mean, there has been some awesome highs and some not-so-good lows thus far in our short two years of marriage but we’re doing a pretty good job working as a team.

Now, it’s time to be a stereotypical Gen Y-er and confess my love with… what else, but… a MEME!

So here is the inside scoop -the back story – to this long standing joke. In my younger, less Dad-bod days, I would very regularly get asked by strangers if anyone has ever told me if I looked like that guy from The Notebook. You mean Ryan Gosling. Yes. Yes. I… have… [Insert eye roll from Jess]

Those days are long gone but the joke lives on so I felt the best way to show my love for her would be to recreate the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” meme with a personalized twist. Now if you ask me, that’s true love.



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